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The motto which sums up all activities of the joint-stock company Czech Porcelain Dubí is the quality of work, customer's and employee's satisfaction. After all, the tradition of beauty of porcelain with the onion pattern is not only a valuable inheritance but also an obligation.

For more than a century, the hands of predominantly women employees of the Dubí u Teplice Ceramic Works in Northwestern Bohemia have made complete sets of porcelain dishes and decorated them with the onion pattern, a tradition which the Czech Porcelain Joint-stock Company, the current producer, is proud to be carrying on successfully. Ever since beginning its activities as an independent entity in the early 1990's, the company has sought new paths and direstions in promoting customer interest in its products by enlarging their range, increasing the share of the set's more demanding in total output, and advertising its products, both on the domestic market and on foreign markets too, with the aim of building up a strong position for itself among prestigious world producers of porcelain. The company brand name, altered in 1993 in response to the emergence of the Czech Republic and the signing of a trade agreement with the Meissen Porcelain Works, has been registered in a number of selected countries throughout the world. program up until today.

The onion-pattern porcelain produced by the Czech Porcelain Joint-stock Company has been marketed under the ROKOKO trade mark. Thanks to a large number of components, the company's basic set, supplemented by a series of decorative accessories, can be combined in a variety of ways, with its unbelievable versatility and the possibility of adding to the basic line being some its chief assets. The onion set evokes the atmosphere of comfort and coziness during friendly meetings over a cup of coffee, as well as during family celebrations, it helps create an exclusive stylish enviroment in luxurious hotels, enables selected delicacies to be served at grand receptions and makes possible the more exclusive serving of meals on board palnes.

In spite of the fact that its set already consists of a large number of items, the joint-stock company continues to expand, enrich and supplement it by including older, long-forgotten models in its product line, responding to topical changes in lifestyle and drawing inspiration from the requirements, ideas and experiences of its clients and customers at home as well as abroad. Although the set currently consists of as many as 300 items, the company is proud to be able to introduce a number of novelties every year, such as a set of porcelain miniatures - delightful luxurious small items which may serve as gift and which have since become an object of interest to porcelain collectors. As for the latter, the Dubí Porcelain Works is currently preparing for them "little treasures" - miniatures modelled on utility porcelain sets and produced in a limited series.

Although 250 years have elapsed since the time when the "decoration of generations" came to existence, the onion-pattern porcelain continues to fulfil the latest demands dictated by modern living. Thanks to the application of the technology of under-glazed decoration, the onion porcelain is environmentally friendly, resistant to all detergents, and suitable for use in microwave owens.

The porcelain with onion motifs is the true embodiment of tradition, simplicity, beauty and modernity, or, in other words, it is simply "the porcelain with blue blood", a product which is and will undoubtedly continue to be an attractive article on the domestic and foreign markets alike.


With the takeover of onion-shape china manufacture that took place after Dubí Manufacture was purchased by German Teichert company in 1885, a modified mark of this firm was taken over and represented until the year of 1934 (1). Following the purchase of the Manufacture by Bernard Bloch, at first also the marks taken over from the owner's manufacture at Unčín were used (2,3). The basis of the currently used mark was created at the turn of the century and used until the year of 1939 (4,6). At the same time also such marks were used that respected the firm's owners names (5,7). Within the period when the Manufacture was under H. Widera's administration, a mark was used the concept of which was not linked to the initially taken-over marking. After 1945 the mark dating from the beginning of the century was modified by substitution of letter "D" for "E" and supplemented by the name of the glaze (9, 10, 11). The mark variant used from 1993 was created as a result of the partition of Czechoslovakia in two separate states (12).

From the year of 1997 the trade-mark of 1993 was supplemented by the name of the country of origin. In order to improve the trade-mark readability this is now applied in green-blue color.

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