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Crystal Chandeliers - CLASSIC LINE  NEW

Shopping with us is safe.

All chandeliers have the best quality - all parts are from crystal and metal ( polished brass - gold color, polished  nickel - silver color)

and are made in the Czech Republic (Bohemia, Europe Union).

If you want silver color, note it in you shopping cart, price is 10% higher. At all our chandeliers you can use LED lights, halogen lights or classic lights.

SPECTRA® Swarovski® Crystal (Leadfree Crystal), Full Lead Bohemia Crystal ® or Strass® Swarovski® Crystal!!

CS1-Crystal Chandelier



CS2-Crystal Chandelier


CS3-Crystal Chandelier


CS4-Crystal Chandelier


CS5-Crystal Chandelier



CS6-Crystal Chandelier


CS7-Crystal Chandelier



CS8-Crystal Chandelier


CS9-Crystal Chandelier



CS10-Crystal Chandelier



CS11-Crystal Chandelier



CS12-Crystal Chandelier



CS13-Crystal Chandelier



CS14-Crystal Chandelier


CS15-Crystal Chandelier







CS19-Crystal Chandelier



CS20-Crystal Chandelier


CS21-Crystal Chandelier



CS22-Crystal Chandelier


CS23-Crystal Chandelier





CS25-Crystal Chandelier



CS26-Crystal Chandelier


CS27-Crystal Chandelier



CS28-Crystal Chandelier



CS30-Crystal Chandelier


CS31-Crystal Chandelier



CS32-Crystal Chandelier


CS33-Crystal Chandelier



CS35-Crystal Chandelier



CS36-Crystal Chandelier


CS37-Crystal Chandelier



CS38-Crystal Chandelier



CS39-Crystal Chandelier



CS40-Crystal Chandelier


CS41-Crystal Chandelier



CS42-Crystal Chandelier


CS43-Crystal Chandelier



CS44-Crystal Chandelier



CS45-Crystal Chandelier


CS46-Crystal Chandelier


CS47-Crystal Chandelier



CS48-Crystal Chandelier


CS49-Crystal Chandelier



CS50-Crystal Chandelier



CS51-Crystal Chandelier



CS52-Crystal Chandelier



CS53-Crystal Chandelier



CS54-Crystal Chandelier


CS55-Crystal Chandelier



CS56-Crystal Chandelier



CS57-Crystal Chandelier



CS58-Crystal Chandelier


CS59-Crystal Chandelier



CS60-Crystal Chandelier



CS61-Crystal Chandelier



CS62-Crystal Chandelier


CS63-Crystal Chandelier



CS64-Crystal Chandelier



CS65-Crystal Chandelier



CS66-Crystal Chandelier


CS67-Crystal Chandelier



CS68-Crystal Chandelier



CS69-Crystal Chandelier



CS70-Crystal Chandelier


CS71-Crystal Chandelier



CS72-Crystal Chandelier



CS73-Crystal Chandelier



CS74-Crystal Chandelier


CS75-Crystal Chandelier



CS76-Crystal Chandelier


CS77-Crystal Chandelier



CS78-Crystal Chandelier


CS79-Crystal Chandelier




CS81-Crystal Chandelier



CS82-Crystal Chandelier



CS83-Crystal Chandelier



CS84-Crystal Chandelier


CS85-Crystal Chandelier



CS86-Crystal Chandelier


CS87-Crystal Chandelier



CS88-Crystal Chandelier


CS89-Crystal Chandelier



CS90-Crystal Chandelier


CS91-Crystal Chandelier



CS92-Crystal Chandelier


CS93-Crystal Chandelier



CS94-Crystal Chandelier


CS95-Crystal Chandelier



CS96-Crystal Chandelier


CS97-Crystal Chandelier



CS98-Crystal Chandelier


CS99-Crystal Chandelier



CS100-Crystal Chandelier



CS101-Crystal Chandelier



CS102-Crystal Chandelier


CS103-Crystal Chandelier



CS104-Crystal Chandelier


CS105-Crystal Chandelier



CS106-Crystal Chandelier


CS107-Crystal Chandelier



CS108-Crystal Chandelier



CS109-Crystal Chandelier



CS110-Crystal Chandelier


CS111-Crystal Chandelier



CS112-Crystal Chandelier


CS113-Crystal Chandelier



CS114-Crystal Chandelier


CS115-Crystal Chandelier



CS116-Crystal Chandelier


CS117-Crystal Chandelier



CS118-Crystal Chandelier


CS119-Crystal Chandelier



CS120-Crystal Chandelier


CS121-Crystal Chandelier



CS122-Crystal Chandelier



CS123-Crystal Chandelier



CS124-Crystal Chandelier


CS125-Crystal Chandelier



CS126-Crystal Chandelier


CS127-Crystal Chandelier



CS128-Crystal Chandelier


CS129-Crystal Chandelier



CS130-Crystal Chandelier



CS131-Crystal Chandelier




CS133-Crystal Chandelier



CS134-Crystal Chandelier


CS135-Crystal Chandelier



CS136-Crystal Chandelier


CS137-Crystal Chandelier



CS138-Crystal Chandelier


CS139-Crystal Chandelier



CS140-Crystal Chandelier



CS141-Crystal Chandelier



CS142-Crystal Chandelier







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