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Crystal Chandeliers - MARIA TEREZIA LINE  NEW

Shopping with us is safe.

All chandeliers have the best quality - all parts are from crystal and metal ( polished brass - gold color, polished  nickel - silver color)

and are made in the Czech Republic (Bohemia, Europe Union).

If you want silver color, note it in you shopping cart, price is 10% higher. At all our chandeliers you can use LED lights, halogen lights or classic lights.

 SPECTRA® Swarovski® Crystal (Leadfree Crystal), Full Lead Bohemia Crystal ® or Strass® Swarovski® Crystal!!

Maria Terezia, the Austrian empress who ruled in the 18 th century, fell in love twice: with Francis of Lorraine, who later became the to her palace Holy Roman Emperor,

and then with Czech chandeliers. In 1746, a new, lyre shaped chandelier was delivered and Maria Terezia was literally bedazzled. Since then, this type of chandelier has

boasted her name. Our Terezian light fittings have flat steel arms coated in the either golden or silver bronze. Each arm is fitted with crystal glass strips on both sides following

exactly its curvature, and secured with crystal glass rosettes. The steel frame is designed so that it is able to bear the most daring dimensions with any number of pedants.


You will evoke the atmosphere of royal palaces in every interior with light fittings of the Maria Terezia type.


MT1-Crystal Chandelier



MT2-Crystal Chandelier


MT5P-Crystal Chandelier



MT5V-Crystal Chandelier



MT7-Crystal Chandelier


MT8V-Crystal Chandelier



MT8P-Crystal Wall Light



MT9P-Crystal Wall Light


MT10V-Crystal Wall Light



MT11-Crystal Chandelier



MT12-Crystal Chandelier


MT13-Crystal Chandelier



MT14-Crystal Chandelier



MT15-Crystal Lamp


MT16-Crystal Lamp



MT17-Crystal Chandelier



MT18-Crystal Lamp


MT19-Crystal Chandelier



MT20-Crystal Chandelier



MT21-Crystal Chandelier


MT22-Crystal Chandelier



MT22 color-Crystal Chandelier



MT23-Crystal Lamp


MT24-Crystal Chandelier



MT25-Crystal Chandelier



MT26-Crystal Chandelier


MT27-Crystal Chandelier



MT28-Crystal Chandelier



MT29-Crystal Chandelier


MT30-Crystal Wall Light



MT31-Crystal Wall Light



MT32-Crystal Chandelier


MT34-Crystal Chandelier



MT35-Crystal Wall Light



MT36-Crystal Chandelier


MT37-Crystal Chandelier



MT38-Crystal Lamp



MT39-Crystal Chandelier


MT40-Crystal Chandelier




MT48-Crystal Chandelier



MT70-Crystal Chandelier





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