Crystal Chandeliers - AA CZECH GLASS.COM <body> <H1 align="center">CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS</H1> <H2 align="center">BOHEMIAN CRYSTAL CHANDELIERS</H2> <p><font color="#800000" size="4">Crystal Chandeliers as Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers or as Czech Crystal Chandeliers are made in the Czech Republic - Bohemia - Bohemia Crystal.</font></p> <font SIZE="1" COLOR="#800000"> <p>&nbsp;</p> </font> <p><font color="#800000" size="4">All our crystal chandeliers have the best quality - all parts are from crystal and metal ( polished brass - gold color, polished nickel - silver color or antique brass) and are made in the Czech Republic (Bohemia, Europe Union). At all our chandeliers you can use LED lights, halogen lights or classic lights. We offer our crystal chandeliers with SPECTRA� Swarovski� Crystal (Leadfree Crystal), Full Lead Bohemia Crystal � or Strass� Swarovski� Crystal .</font></p> </body>